Top 10 Photoshop Disasters of 2011

From: PSD: Photoshop Disasters

Time to pause and look back at some of the worst disasters of the year that had celebrities losing limbs, models who were more mutant like and animals that often ended up feeling the full wrath of the art department.

Thanks everyone for your submissions over the last year and we wish everyone a Happy New Year!

1. Victoria’s Secret: With or Without it?
One arm is defiantly better than none!
2. Totsy Baltex: Somebody Stop The Screaming

They say the best way for women to fend off attackers is with her elbows, I don’t think this model has anything to ever worry about.

3. Beachmall: Full Face Transplant
The models for Beachmall are so stunningly beautiful that they have watermarked the images (repeatedly) so that no-one will steal them.
4. Jennifer Aniston: Anistorted Yogalosophy 
Not a PSD.  Jennifer has been cast in the next X-Men film as “Spanx Doll,” an aging-but-still-attractive mutant with the inherent ability to move excess fat tissue to any other part of her body at will.
5. Industry Week: Smiling is my favorite exercise
This reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when Violet blows up into a giant blueberry after consuming an experimental piece of chewing gum.
6. Pop Up Pet Crates: Doggone!
A half pet is better than no pet at all… no wait!
7. Keith Urban: Loving Parts of You
Don’t go, don’t go
Just leave your arm behind
For me to snuggle
While I’m without you
And I will never surrender – your arm…
8. Two and a Half Men: Gone But Not Forgotten
Charlie has not gone – that’s him drunk on the floor pointing up at his replacement..
9. HTC Windows Phone: Business Casualty 
Hey, Princess, check this out – watch what happens to Daddy’s hand when I stick my arm outside the airlock!
10. Golden Acrylics: Shopping Crimes
  • Stock image – $2.50 
  • PS “artist” – $10.00 
  • Branding impression of a lifetime – Priceless!