Must Read: Australian calls UCI president “a dick”

From: VeloNews

Sydney Morning Herald: Chloe Hosking, 21, won the aggressive opening criterium of the Jayco Bay Series in Geelong Sunday, opening her season with a win for Specialized-Lululemon.

Following her win, the Australian sprinter’s feelings got away from her, when she called the president of the UCI, Pat McQuaid, “a dick.”

The insult was in response to McQuaid’s comment at the world road championships in Copenhagen regarding the heated issue of professional women’s salaries. The president’s suggestion that women did not deserve a minimum salary sparked outrage among the women’s professional peloton.

Hosking’s response to questions from the Sydney Morning Herald about McQuaid’s remarks was, “What can be said? Pat McQuaid’s a dick. To say at the biggest sporting event of women’s cycling that we’re not progressed enough to have a minimum salary, I mean, how do we progress if we all still have to work and we can’t support ourselves?”

Hosking has since apologized for her wording, though stands by her statement. She is planning an official apology with her team director, Kristy Scrymgeour, but in the meantime Hosking has said, “I’m not going to apologize for what I said, but I do apologize for how I phrased it.”

She hopes some good has ultimately come of the situation, and that her bold comment has brought attention to the subject. “This has got the world talking about women’s cycling, hasn’t it?” Hosking asked the Herald.

Cycling Australia will consider Chloe’s explanation of her remarks before enforcing disciplinary action. “All our members have the right to express views contrary to those of the UCI, but it is not acceptable for any member of Cycling Australia to personally denigrate others,” Cycling Australia told the Herald.

Currently, Melissa Hoskins is wearing the yellow jersey, with Hosking a point behind going into the final stage, the Williamstown circuit, Wednesday afternoon.

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