Gutters: Issue #240 – George Kambadais

From: The Gutters

I know this may seem like a bit of a stretch, but frankly I’m just glad that comics have given us a chance to finally say this.

And you know it needed to be said.

There was a time when the worst offence at conventions (or particularly crowded comic shops) was the lingering BO. We’re all adults here, we can talk about this.

These days however, walking into a convention (or said store) can be like stepping behind the perfume counter at a large department store (The Bay for us Canucks, Macy’s for those of you south of the border, and… uh, I dunno Marks & Spencer for those of you overseas). The over-use of body spray is the new BO, and despite what the commercials say, it will not get you laid.

I just asked my Girlfriend, and she confirms it.

So, say it with me friends: Spray < Shower. Words to live by.

Today’s very clean page was brought to us by George Kambadais:

George Kambadais is a comic artist and illustrator from Greece, who grew up watching Disney movies and reading comics.  He’s been published several times in Greece in many anthologies. At this time he’s working on an upcoming graphic novel that called “Champions of the Wild Weird West”. It will be published by Arcana comics in the beginning of the next year. Also, he’s working on some other comics, like “In All The Wrong Places” that will be published in Greece and a Greek webcomic that called “Dark Days.”

Shower hearty my friends, and we’ll see you here on Friday!