Is it easy to sell my home without an estate agent?

From: Marksaid

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So I’m selling my home. Myself. This might be a stupid idea, if you listen to anyone in the estate agent business. However I am not put off.

Ads have been placed, my network has been hit (however not hit hard enough possibly)… and I’m either going to sell the place easily, or really regret it. Either way, I’m giving it a shot.

What do I own?

A flat in wells. It’s nice. It’s on a 99 year lease (with the other flats in the block)… and I’m not in a chain.

I have a number of documents: The EPC, the deeds of covenant, the Land registry, and the lease agreement itself.

Now I’m looking for a buyer… once I have someone interested, the real work will start. I’ve not contacted an estate agent yet (they may have sole-rights to sell all the flats in my block, meaning I may not be able to sell independently), and I haven’t really researched the pricing market. I’m pitching the place at £125k, due to one being for sale for £115k in the same block, but it needs renovation.

Mine is in great condition – ready for a buyer to walk right in.

More info later.

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