Save a fortune in time and money by replacing the House of Commons with a web forum

From: B3ta

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I’m genuinely baffled as to why in this day and age the House of Commons exists. I appreciate in the olden days before communications networks it was important to have everyone in the same place to get discussions heard and information shared. But when you could clearly handle the entire Prime Ministers Questions via a web forum or skype chat why the hell are they wasting important council/department/country running time by travelling all the way to London and then sitting on their arses occasionally going “hear hear”?
A very, very rough internet based calculation puts the house of commons daily running costs for mps offices and the main hall (not tours or cafes or whatever) at £1.2m. Add to that travel expenses and the wasted days pay and it officially adds up to fuckingcrazyloads of our taxes.
Give them an ipad and a decent secure forum that is no more complex than B3ta and they can do the whole fucking job during their lunch break in their constituency.
I apologise for the confused and semi ranty nature of this typing, I’ve just spent far, far too long listening to and transcribing twattish mps talking at each other in raised childish voices without them ever answering a single question. Which has obviously left me more irritated at the fucking stupid state of our system than I was expecting from a semi-throwaway b3ta joke.
If you want to see the 15 minutes of arsemonkery in question for yourself, it is here It can in reality be condensed to 3 forum posts –
Ed “Why weren’t representatives in that meeting?
Dave “I’m not answering that”
Everyone else “rhubarb, rhubarb, shout, my team is better than your team”

I’m going for a bit of a lay down now.