Gutters: Issue #262 – Amy Mebberson

From: The Gutters

We do like to have fun with our Gutters pages, but occasionally something bigger works its way into our little comic book world.

Without getting to the endless debates and emotionally charged arguments, I just want to say that I seriously hope that one day I can live in a world where people aren’t so fascinated by who everyone else is sleeping with.

I have long been tooting the Archie horn in that I think they are pushing the boundaries of their characters and addressing a lot of things that you wouldn’t think of from the Riverdale gang. Life With Archie: The Married Life has corporate espionage, political subterfuge, adult relationships and all done in a way that the now 32 year old Archie fan (Me) can relate to the same way I related to stories about the Gang hanging out at the Chocklit Shoppe when I was younger.

As well, I’d like to add that these stories are being told with absolutely no sexually explicit images, bad language or other inappropriate subject matter. In fact, it’s probably the most wholesome and “all-ages” way that one could approach these subjects.

So if One Million Moms is worried about being “confronted with questions from their children on topics that are too complicated for them to understand” maybe they should be less concerned about Riverdale and more concerned being unable to communicate with their children.

Or maybe what they’ll say when their children walk down the Bratz Doll aisle.

Today’s page comes to us via Amy Mebberson:

Amy Mebberson is a comic artist and illustrator best known for her work on Disney, Pixar and Muppet properties. Amy began her career as an animation artist with Walt Disney Animation Australia before relocating to the States to pursue comics. Some of her titles since include ‘Muppet Peter Pan’, ‘The Muppet Show’ & ‘Monsters Inc.’ comics for BOOM! studios, covers for IDW’s ‘Doctor Who’. She is currently the artist for APE Entertainment’s ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ and illustrating a series of Muppet storybooks for Little Brown & Co. Future titles include ‘Sesame Street’ for APE and other work for the Walt Disney Company.

See you here Monday everyone, and have a great weekend!