New Dredd title to hit the US

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Details are all very sketchy at the moment, but on Friday, IDW Comic’s Chris Ryall announced that they are going to be publishing a new Dredd comic over in the US. Or as he put it

“Just announced we’ve partnered with @2000AD to do Judge Dredd! We are the law!”

Will be interesting to see how this is handled as it may well be that they are going to publish a Dredd series based soley on the new movie’s continuity as they are currently doing (and VERY well) with their new Star Trek series based on the J.J Abrahams film. Personally I think I’d prefer them to do this. Give us an Ultimate Judge Dredd, to use the Marvel tag, and do new takes on classic story lines. Nothing against the “real” Dredd of course, just that the Megazine already has this covered. Also these would be way more accessible to new readers who would then hopefully find their way into the UK version’s back catalogue.

Of course this isnt the first time a US publisher has given Dredd a shot. Still need to track some copies of this DC Comics run down to see what they are like