Gutters: Issue #277 – Jason Brown

From: The Gutters

The phenomenon of Axe Cop is one that I’ve watched closely. I think it’s a great comic and the process behind it is fascinating. For those not in the know, Axe Cop was started by a then 29-year old Ethan Nicolle wits stories and character ideas conceived by his then 5-year old brother, Malachai. It’s the kind of surreal absurdity that could only come from a child and three years later it’s still a damn fun read.

Axe Cop to me illustrates one of the greatest things about making comics in the digital age: Anyone can do it. Granted, this means that there are a lot of comics out there that are, well, terrible, but I also believe that the cream rises and those who put in the time, effort and passion will find their audiences.

Does Chainsaw EMT have a future? Maybe. All we need to do is lock that Taco into an exclusive contract. It’s harder than it might seem. Taco Bell has great agents. How else do you think they are able to stay in business serving that “food?”

Until the legalites are settled, today’s page was realized by Jason Brown:

Jason Brown is an illustrator and video game artist hailing from San Francisco, California. He loves bacon, comic books, and wearing Vibram Finger Shoes just to freak people out.

I love those shoes too.

Have a great weekend and a great holiday for those of you celebrating! We’ll see you here when we rise again Monday!