Gutters: Issue #281 – James Silvani

From: The Gutters

If you have never been to a comic convention, let this past weekend’s C2E2 be proof positive that you should check one out. Because anything can happen.

Chicago con-goers (and organizers apparently) were surprised to find actor Shia Labeouf sitting in Artist Alley with his girlfriend, selling his own self-printed comic book.

If Shia is serious about getting in to comics in one capacity or another, I think this is a pretty classy way to do it. He could have the ear of any publisher he wants I’m sure, but instead he’s going the indie route like any one else.

And if he’s not looking to get into comics, it’s still a pretty neat way to kill a weekend.

What was even neater was when Mr. Labeouf himself sought out our very own Mr. Sohmer. Turns out Sam Witwicky’s a big Rayne Summers fan!

Today’s star-studded page came to us direct from the C2E2 floor thanks to James Silvani:

James Silvani is a Maui-based illustrator and writer with clients in the advertising, apparel and print industries. He grew up in the artist’s colony of Laguna Beach and received an art degree from San Francisco State University. After working in-house for companies such as Ocean Pacific, Blizzard Entertainment and Foote, Cone & Belding, James decided to go freelance. He now provides illustrations from concept to camera ready to clients all over the world, including several covers for BOOM Studios.

Have a good start to the week folks! We’ll see you here Wednesday!