Gutters: Issue #282 – Bachan Bachan

From: The Gutters

Alan Moore.

What to say about Alan Moore?

No one can deny Moore’s genius. To me, the works of Moore are the perfect examples of the potential that comics have as a storytelling medium. His storytelling is unique and brilliant. His ideals and imagination took comics into the gritty realities of poverty, sex and politics.

I re-read Watchmen at least once a year and every time I stumble up some little nuance or theme that I hadn’t picked up on previously.

The landscape of the comics world that we know and love today would look radically different without the contributions of Alan Moore.


For someone who has repeatedly stated he doesn’t want anything to do with Watchmen films or Before Watchmen… he sure does seem to do a lot of interviews about them…

Today’s culinary comic comes to us by the man known as Bachan:

Bachan is a Mexican comic artist, born in 1971. He began his career at the publishing house Novedades, creating comic adaptations of novels for the magazines Joyas de la Literatura, Novelas Inmortales and Hombres y Héroes. Between 1989 and 1993, he was part of the collective Molotov, that published fanzines like Tripodología Felina, Hemofilia, Molotov and Zootropo. For these fanzines, he created comics and characters like ‘El Bulbo’, ‘La Fresa Asesina’, ‘Pablo y El Moco’ and ‘Citlali’. In 1999, he began a collaboration with the American DC Comics, drawing issues of the series ‘Doom Patrol Silver Age’ and ‘Justice League’. After that, he focused on his own comic magazine El Bulbo (2000-2001) and on the comic ‘Nirta Onirly’ (written by Jean David Morvan), published by Humanoïdes Associées for the French maket in 2004. He also reassumed his advertising activities with the J. Walter Thompson agency. For the Mexican edition of MAD magazine, he makes the series ‘Vinny, el Perro de la Balbuena’.

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