Gutters: Issue #287 – Sebastiàn Cichon

From: The Gutters

Apparently people are really mad with Grant Morrison for suggesting (as quoted above) in a Playboy interview that he finds the concept of Batman “utterly gay.”

Let’s be honest here. Since the debut of Aunt Harriet, people have been wondering why Bruce Wayne would choose to run around the city at night in tights with a young boy in pixie boots. It’s wierd. It’s also a comic book. A larger than life world, full of situations where things like magic and friendly aliens (also in tights, I might add) exist in spades. The “normal” concepts of things like physics and sexuality don’t really exist in comics.

So really, who cares? The concept of a man who willingly dresses as a bat to do battle with folks dressed as penguins, clowns and cats brings up a lot more interesting behavioural issues and discussions than who he might be thinking about banging.

Also (as much as I hate to say it), Batman’s not real. Therefore, he can pretty much be whatever you want him to be.

Today’s homage to Batman #700 comes to us from Sebastiàn Cichon:

Sebastiàn Cichon is a comics and pinup artist currently living in Poland. Sebastiàn works with a wide variety of illustration styles thanks to the many different projects he has worked on over the years. Sebastiàn has studied at the Warsaw University of Technology and is always looking for new challenges and new experiences to expand his art.

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