Gutters: Issue #294 – Matt Wright

From: The Gutters

Look to your left. Now, Look to your right.

Unless you are alone, chances are at least two of the people you just looked at have seen Avengers. If you are alone, then probably just one.

At last check, Avengers has made a Quatillion dollars which means that there have been a lot of eyeballs on the characters that we comics fans have loved for years. They are geeking out just as hard over (REDACTED FOR THE ONE PERSON IN A CAVE IN PERU WHO HASN’T SEEN IT YET) showing up at the end. They may not know who he is, but they are interested. Which to me says that these are the very same people that make up the ever elusive “new readers” comics companies are always talking about courting.

So why not give them a comic to put those same eyeballs on?

You’ve got their attention, Marvel. Your movie has been universally revered as awesome. So why not remind them that the experience with these characters doesn’t have to stop when the lights go up? I’m not saying they have to give away a free hardcover with ticket purchase, but a sampler book or even digital code would go a long way to getting people hooked.

I can tell you we tried this with our comic shop, The 4th Wall. Since Iron Man 2, we’ve been at the local theater giving away comics and letting people know about us at every major comic book movie opening. It’s not only been a ton of fun for us, but it’s been a great help in getting our name out there in the community and bringing new people through the door. The best part? The cost to us has been less than half that of a print ad in a local newspaper.

So throw some Marvel money behind that idea… and I think you’ve got a good way to reach those new readers. Just something to think about.

Today’s page comes to us from a couple of Unshaven bros, Matt Wright and Marc Fishman:

Matt Wright is the pencilin’-inkin’-beer drinkin’ dude from Unshaven Comics. Graduating from the American Academy of Alex Ross–err–Arts, in Chicago with a degree in illustration, Matt enjoys being the “one who really draws” for the company. By day he’s a fleet manager and tech service provider for a major printer firm. By night? Well, when he’s not taking care of his beautiful wife Amy, and  brand-spankin’-new son, Aidan… He’s the artistic powerhouse helping create the Samurnauts!

See you back here Friday, friends! Be good!