Mozilla’s Open Source Project Shumway To Translate SWF To HTML5

From: Slashdot

An anonymous reader writes “Mozilla currently has an experimental project on github called Shumway to try to interpret SWF (aka Flash files) using browser-standard technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript. All I can say is please and thank you! ‘Shumway is an HTML5 technology experiment that explores building a faithful and efficient renderer for the SWF file format without native code assistance. Shumway is community-driven and supported by Mozilla. Our goal is to create a general-purpose, web standards-based platform for parsing and rendering SWFs. Integration with Firefox is a possibility if the experiment proves successful.'” It’s not the first such attempt; here’s a post from a few years back about one called Smokescreen, and another about QuickTime programmer Steve Perlman’s subscription-based workaround for iDevices.

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