Gutters: Issue #303 – Jainai Jeffries

From: The Gutters

Apparently, the Avengers movie has made so much money at this point, they’ve had to invent a new denomination to express it: Aveng-illion.

There is nothing left to say about Avengers. It’s been loved and touted all around the world by the vast majority of those who’ve seen it. Those who see it multiple times, even weeks apart say it is just as awesome the 5th time as the first. It deserves every dollar it earns.

So, considering the “Extra Extra” scene was shot on the eve of the film’s premiere, maybe it’s time to go back and update it a bit, or add on an “Extra Extra Extra” scene.

Joss, Marvel… If you need another pair of hands to make it happen, I’m available and work for less than scale.

Just give me enough money for a ticket to The Dark Knight Rises. You wouldn’t want Batman’s kids to go hungry, would you?

Today’s introspection comes to us from the wonderful Jainai Jeffries:

Jainai Jeffries: A female artist always up to show off how big her cock and balls are in the creative business. Grew up around Inglewood, California, and lived in Santa Cruz, NYC, and Tokyo. Currently a freelance artist (illustrator, concept, tattooing) and is hustling as a freelancer and fighting the good fight against the bland and cliche. Go and commission her. Google her. She has several art services available.
You should give her your money. Like now. Yesterday. No seriously, she’s holding us hostage! The bitch is crazy!! HELP, HEL—

See you back here Friday and have a good New Comics Day, everyone! It’s a big one!