This months’ Megazine features a beautiful, Akira inspired

From: 2000AD Covers Uncovered

This months’ Megazine features a beautiful, Akira inspired cover by the brilliant Chis Weston. Chris worked on the aborted Akira movie which was obviously the basis for this cool-as-you-like image.
“I think most people know that I recently spent  a great deal of time working on a live-action adaptation of Katsuhiro Otomo’s “Akira”. I was literally two weeks away from going out to work in america on official pre-production when the plug was pulled on the whole operation.
This was due to a myriad of reasons: budget, script and the lack of a decent leading man who could carry the film.
Obviously I has immersed myself in Otomo’s art during that period and couldn’t quite shake off his influence. In particular, I felt primed to draw some heavy sci-fi bike action.
My upcoming Dredd story “The Death of Dan-E Cannon” features a lot of subtle references to “Akira”… it was written to be an episode that showcased Dredd’s classic motorbike in all its glory.  I went to the trouble of building a 3D model of The Lawmaster in Cinema 4D so I could find some angles of the bike we hadn’t seen before. It was while I was flipping the model around that I stumbled across the angle that Otomo took for his famous “Akira” poster…”
That gave me the idea to do an homage to “Akira.” First, I created a digital monage of the composition…”
“Then I printed this out and traced it onto my art board in pencil, adding the figure of Judge Dredd.”
“This was stretched onto a wooden board and an undercoat was applied.”
Then it was just a matter of adding layers and layers of acrylic until I realised I was probably over-doing it… as usual.
Finally, I scanned the painting back into the computer. I then adjusted the colours and added some metallic highlights. And, voila, that was that.