Gutters: Issue #312 – Mark Dos Santos

From: The Gutters

As someone who spent 7 years prior to my comics life working in a newsroom, today’s page brings a smile to my face.

The internet has given everyone a voice and a platform to share that voice, which is a beautiful thing. But the opportunity to use that voice without proper diligence is rampant. I’m not saying that people aren’t entitled to their opinions, but I am of the belief that opinions aren’t necessarily journalism, and good journalism isn’t without opinion. It’s learning to understand the difference that makes for great reporters, columnists, and anchors. It takes talent, hard work and the ability to listen to what’s happening around you.

Edward R. Murrow. Barbara Walters. Lloyd Robertson. These are journalists. They have reported on and witnessed moments that have changed the world. They have had their share of stories that didn’t of course, but they know how to get to the humanity of a story and how to report it accurately, compassionately and with integrity.

Having a blog you update twice a month and using it to get free passes to Comicon is not the same thing.

Just sayin’…

Also, I can confirm with many independent sources that the artist of today’s page is Mark Dos Santos:

Mark Dos Santos, a Kubert School Alumni, left New Jersey for sunny California to pursue a career in animation as a storyboard artist and character designer. He quickly became involved in comics producing independent titles. Mark has done work for Western Tales of Terror, Monkey vs Lemur, Zenescopes Grimm Fairy Tales, Fall of Cthulhu Godwar, Eureka : Dormant Gene for Boom Studios, IT! The Terror from Beyond Space for IDW and cover work for Hack/Slash from Devil’s Due. He has also done sketch cards for Inkworks, Strictly Ink and Rittenhouse on such properties as Hellboy Animated, Family Guy, 2000AD, Ray Harryhousen, Marvel and DC COMICS.

Have a great New Comics Day, folks! See you back here Friday!