Motion Comics

From: Dial H for Holden

Motion comics are back! And this time, they’ll be a complete success!

You know, like 3d Movies, the skate board, the yo-yo and that bad guy from the Halloween movies.

Motion comics represent a paradigm shift in comics. Or, at least, they do, if you’ve never really read comics and you have a bucket load of cash to invest in something that few others have exploited. They’re also a pretty cool thing for ad companies to pay for to make them look like they’re hip and happening and down wit’ the kids. They read comics, right? These are like comics BUT THEY MOVE! Get down with Marky Mark and the funky bunch, daddio*

Of course, I could be wrong. I find cosplay baffling but it’s clearly a permanent fixture and, if Q-CON (which I managed to get to for little over 15 minutes) is any indication cosplayers are what’s going to replace the dying comic readers – it’s our own fault. We shoved comics into a ghetto and were happy as we grew older and our comics grew up with us. Widening the gap between the comics we read and enjoyed and their original intended audience. Now, we’re like a bunch of crew cutted WWII vets worrying about the commies while staring in disbelief as Elvis shakes his hips at all the kids, we’re slack jawed and out of touch with the future.

The end.


*I’m 42, I have no fucking clue how young people speak. This should be obvious.