Zarjaz 15 release info… with LOADS of pics

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Over on the Zarjaz website you can now pick up the latest issues of Zarjaz for the bargainous (not a real word) price of £3.00 which gives you over 50 pages of 2000AD related action. It would be rude of me to say you’re an idiot if you don’t, so I won’t.

As I have three or four stories in with them at various stages of completion, I’m not really comfortable reviewing my fellow contributors so instead I’m just gonna do a quick runthrough of the contents with lots of pics. That said I DO have a review copy here, so if anyone is interested and fancies giving their opinion on it then please let me know. Sure everyone involved would welcome honest opinions… just not mine.

So inside..

1) Finding Mino, a Cursed Earth story by Mark Howard and Alex Patterson and lettered by Bolt-01, who also lettered the rest of the strips unless I note otherwise.

2) Mega-City One Tales : Gawkers, a clever little slice of Big Meg culture from Shaun Avery and Simon Bennett Hayes

3) Tales from the Black Museum : Jinni in a Bottle, a suitably dark story from Richmond Clements and Stephen Prestwood

4) Judge Dredd : The Taking of mopad 456, a beautifully illustrated tale by Lee Robson and Kev Levell

5) Mega-City One Tales : It’s good to Talk, from Shaun Avery, Rich Wells and Nora Rodriguez

6) Armitage : The Soze Method, a slice of Dreddverse Noire from Samson Horn with art and letters by Phillip Vaughan

7) Judge Dredd : Big Jimpin, a funny one (every Zarjaz should have one funny one) from Lee Robson and Dave Broughton

And lastly 8) Judge Dredd : The Promise. A follow up and nice bookend to the first story from the same creative team so I won’t post another pic from them.

So there you have it. It’s an all Dreddverse issue with 8 cool stories for £3.00. Go get it. Read it. Tell them you loved it… but not as much as the issues I have stories in, obviously.

And again, if anyone is interested in reviewing this… or the progs… or the megs… or anything 2000AD related, give us a shout.