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So the very final episode of Nikolai Dante is now published and available to buy. It may not be the ending that you wanted, but it’s always been the ending that was planned. Whatever happens next he won’t be the same character he was before.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the many many people who have been a part of Dantes adventures with us. Dante was the first story that Robbie and I did for 2000AD and it was John Tomlinson who commissioned it, he also came up with ‘Tsar Wars’ as a title. David Bishop was there at the birth, was a firm supporter of the early stages of Dante and wrote several novelisations of Dante exploits. He’s still the only other writer to ever write Dante’s adventures. I’m not sure we would be here to day if he hadn’t had a lot of faith in us. Thanks to Andy Diggle for his ‘Shotglass full of rocketfuel’ . Thanks to Matt Smith who has really supported Dante in the best way possible, by just letting us do what we wanted to do and giving us a great comic to do it in. Annie Parkhouse has had a hand in every single episode of Dante right from the beginning, her deft and confident lettering is a big part of how this story looks. Thanks to the many other artists who have drawn Dante’s rascally countenance. To Andy Clarke, Charlie Adlard, Chris Weston, Paul Marshall, Steve Yeowell, Henry Flint and lastly the legendary John M. Burns. There are no finer artists working in comics.

My first colourist was Ally Kirkpatrick who did a wonderful job until her family life took over. Gary Caldwell has been a complete rock for me , I can honestly say that if Gary isn’t colouing my stuff, it just doesn’t look right. Gary is a superb collaborator and this has been the best professional relationship I have had with anyone… ever. 

Robbie Morrison IS Nikolai Dante, in his heart and soul. He cares about what he does and most importantly he can make us care, there is no greater attribute for a writer in my opinion. Robbie’s passion, conviction and ambition is what has brought us to this day. He is a great storyteller and a great friend.

Special mention should go to Deborah Tate, who influenced the story in many subtle and less subtle ways over the years, always to its betterment. Thank you Deb.

2000AD is blessed with an extraordinary fanbase, many many more than I can name and many of whome I only know by your talkback handles. Rest assured we know who you are and we appreciate immensely the dedication you have shown to our story over the years. It has meant a lot.

Finally I need to thank Anne, who came in at the beginning and showed me what a romantic leading man needed to be .  Mia cara, era tutto per te.

Simon Fraser

Brooklyn 2012




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