More info on the 2000AD Signing Event

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Further to our earlier post HERE where the 2000AD signing day was announced we’ve now been sent details of who will be attending in each location. Currently waiting for the wife to tell me which one we’re going to fanboy out at. Bristol is closest, London has the most attendees but we’ve been looking for an excuse to go back to Edinburgh for a long weekend. GAH! It’s a hard life.

EDINBURGH Forbidden Planet

Gordon Rennie

Gary Erskine

David Bishop

Colin MacNeil

BELFAST Forbidden Planet

Mike Carroll

PJ Holden

BIRMINGHAM Forbidden Planet


Ian Edginton

Mark Harrison

Lee Garbett

BRISTOL Forbidden Planet

Mark Buckingham

Dylan Teague

Patrick Goddard


MANCHESTER Travelling Man

John Wagner

Steve Yeowell

Sean Phillips

LEEDS Travelling Man

Al Ewing

Lee Carter

Peter Doherty

LONDON Forbidden Planet

Rising Star of 2000AD – ALEC WORLEY!!! (yeah, he paid me for that one)

Simon Bisley

Dave Gibbons

Dan Abnett

Rufus Dayglo

Ben (call me Benji) Willsher

Lee Townsend

Clint Langley

Boo Cook

Dan Abnett

John Higgins