Gutters: Issue #331 – Will Sliney

From: The Gutters

When I saw the news that Marvel had locked up Joss Whedon to write and direct Avengers 2, I was awash in feelings of… well, nothing. Because this was the least-surprising Avengers Sequel announcement since we found out the word “Avengers” was going to be featured in the title.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a full geek-boner at the thought of Whedon making another movie that’s even half as good as Avengers. I just kinda always figured he would. Because looking at the piles upon piles of money the flick made, Marvel Studios would have to be intensely stupid to not try and catch that lightning in a bottle again.

What I do find interesting is the TV aspect of the deal. We’ve heard rumors that Marvel is developing a TV series based in the world of Whedon’s avengers, so having the man himself under contract makes perfect sense and frankly, gets me a little more interested in the project.

The real key here is that since Avengers played off of the individual Marvel movies so much, it would be fair to assume, as Bleeding Cool points out, that Whedon presumably has seen what’s on tap for the umpcoming Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Ant-Man and Guardians of The Galaxy movies so that he can integrate those aspects into his writing. So, why not have him do a bit of touch up here and there in those flicks as well?

Intriguing questions, my friends. Let’s hope that the potential excitement of the Marvel Movie U over the next few years can trickle down into the Marvel Comics U as well.

Today’s page comes to us from the Emerald Isle and Will Sliney:

Will Sliney is an Irish born comic book artist who lives somewhere between New York and Cork depending on the seasons. He spent a few years working in the European comic industry before being featured at the 2007 Birmingham International Comics show as their “Artist to watch out for.” Since then he has shifted across the seas to work on the long running Farscape for Boom studios. More recently he has been designing new characters and illustrating comics for Star Wars: The Clone Wars as well as dabbling in writing.

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