Dredd 3D – A quick spoiler free, if a little sweary, review

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Sure this’ll get dealt with on the podcast or something and I know there’s been a flood of reviews but feels wrong not to give my quick take on the film as I’ve just come back from seeing it.

I suppose I can just sum it up like this:

I went in with HIGH expectations. I’d read the script. I’ve seen the trailers. I’ve had a week of advance screening bastards telling me how brilliant it was. I tried not to get my hopes too high up. I failed. I went into this movie fucking buzzing and very scared it was gonna be anything other than perfect and my hopes would be crushed

I shouldn’t have worried. It was just ARSOM!

Urban totally fucking owned the character and was perfect in his silent intimidation. Dredd has presence in this film. Obviously it’s down to the rest of the cast to sell this, but like in the comics you totally know he is the last person you wanna fuck with.

Thirlby’s Anderson was handled really well and they managed to make her the other side of the Justice System without her coming across as too much of a bleeding heart, which to be fair the comics have sometimes done in the past. Dredd will blow you away, Anderson will blow you away if you deserve it… or take the piss.

Lena Headey as Ma Ma was brilliantly underplayed. Woulda been easy to go pantomime villain but she was cool, calm and deadly. And kinda hot too.

The action was all handled really well and was brutal! At least half a dozen parts where based on your disposition you will either wince or laugh at how crazily over the top it is. People get HURT in this film!

I should also note the 3D was handled probably better than in any other movie I’ve seen. Some movies feel like it’s been tagged on, here it was an integral part. Seriously I always see the 3D option with films as I figure I’ll watch the 2D version enough when I buy the blu-ray. This is the first time I’ve come out of a film and kinda wished I had a 3D tv at home for when it’s released.

One thing that may not go down well with some fans is the city itself. The comic is a future city of bubble buildings and flying cars. This is a Mega-City that looks like it’s what’s left after a war. The huge city blocks are there but between them you get the remains of the cities upon which Mega City has been built. In the reality of the movie it totally works and looks spot on. If you are expecting to see Aggro Domes and cars from the Jetsons though you may be disappointed. That said if you watch the Lawmaster chase scene at the start and are thinking a cgi space car coulda improved it you might be missing the point.

Loved it. Going again next week. Very happy nerd