The ‘forgetful’ Piers Morgan

From: Tabloid Watch
Piers Morgan, Mail on Sunday, 21 October 2012:

The Jimmy Savile scandal grows more horrific by the minute.

I never met him.

Piers Morgan, Mail on Sunday, 15 March 2009:

Saturday, March 7

An old friend of mine, Stephen Purdew – who owns various top health clubs, including Champneys – had his wedding at Claridge’s hotel…

As I left, Jimmy Savile came up to me. ‘Your TV shows are BRILLIANT!’ he exclaimed.

‘And as I’ve been in the telly business for 50 years, you can take that as an informed view.’

I’ve always loved Jimmy Savile.

‘Fair cop guv. Forgot this’, Piers tweeted in response to Jeremy Duns, who spotted this.