Rogue Trooper Bio-Chips from Planet Replicas

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Know what a genius idea is? It’s one that when you see someone else came up with it you think “Of course… thats SO obviously the thing to do”.

This bit of 2000AD / Rogue Trooper merchandise is a bit of genius.

Rogue Trooper USB BioChips

Fresh from the machines at Millicom, Planet Replicas Ltd are proud to present a replica of Rogue’s  ‘Gunnar’ BioChip.

Produced in a hard PVC, this great collectable also becomes a 4gb USB stick, more than enough for any Souther military secrets you may need to carry.

Simply pop off the speaker section and plug it into your computer terminal to upload your personality back into Millicom defense*

Further replicas of ‘Helm’ and ‘Bagman’ are planned, so these will make a superb set of recognisable USB’s for any fan

*or just for moving your files around