Has anyone seen the Judge Anderson model lately?

From: (title unknown)

Last seen at Thought Bubble this past weekend intimidating geeks… nerds… whatever this weeks PC term is, we regret to report that Planet Replicas’ Judge Anderson model Lauren Integra has gone missing.

Her last confirmed sighting was at the Judge Minty screening, the film in which she also appears where she was reported as being in “good spirits”. She was apparently there when the lights went down, but missing as they came back on at the end.

Should you wish to help we’d advise checking out Lauren’s facebook page where you can find more pics from this weekend which may help jog your memory or provide clues as to her whereabouts. Take the pic above for example. Who is that man in the background? Who is he speaking to on the phone? What does that girl on the right have in her cup? Coffee? Chloroform? Any help given would be helpful… as you’d expect.

In the meantime I’m sure you’ll join us in our candlelit vigil for her safe return

In other, unrelated news, John Burdis has just posted up a pic of the latest addition to his Cellar of Dredd collection, an awesome Judge Anderson action figure! Not sure about the scale on this, these figures are usually about four inches tall, right? Think he got it on the weekend. Not sure why he needed a van for it though, a carrier bag would have done the job.


Yes, we’re joking

Yes, we know, kidnapping isnt a joke… even if you kidnap clowns or monkeys.

Yes Ms Integra is fine…that sounds wrong. She’s OK! Honest guv’

Yes… I would buy one of these if they sold them, I have a distinct lack of 2000AD merch.

No, John Burdis wouldn’t really kidnap anyone. We think. Probably. Unless he thought it was funny. Or you pissed him off.