”..The classic engagement of the day [21st March 1945]…

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”..The classic engagement of the day [21st March 1945] occurred later that day when Capt Sedvert observed an Me 262 at only 500ft flying over Ostofen. He dived on the jet just as it dropped a bomb on the town, and good strikes were seen on the fuselage, slowing its speed considerably as it crossed the Rhine River.

Sedvert then pulled up astern of his target, only to find that he was out of ammunition. He drew up alongside the jet and became furious when the German pilot thumbed his nose at him. Sedvert rolled back his canopy and emptied his 0.45 pistol in the direction of his foe with no result. He continued to follow the Me 262 all the way to Wiesental where he watched it belly in..” (via)

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