Episode 825: Spanging Match

From: Darths & Droids

Episode 825: Spanging Match

It’s good to let off a little steam after a stressful encounter or event in the game.

We also note that in this scene of the movie, it’s quite clear that Luke has his lightsabre attached to his belt. So he obviously must have
had it on him in the trash compactor. Yet he didn’t use it.

Here’s this mystical item, handed reverently to him by the
allegorical wise mentor figure,
passed down from the
hero’s father,
who is presumed dead

This is clearly a major MacGuffin. A Chekhov’s gun that will certainly have a use in saving the hero’s life at some point. It’s the single
most fantastic and significant object in the entire movie.

And Luke never uses it except to deflect some remote bolts during the training session on the Millennium Falcon. Basically, there
had to be a sequel, just so Luke could actually use the darn thing.