Dredd kicks serious arse on the DVD charts

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Yup, was in Sainsbury’s earlier today getting snowmageddon provisions (bacardi and a box of wine) and it’s STILL topping the blu-ray chart. The Sweeney remake with Ray “Let me show you my amazing acting range of stunningly similar cockney sulkers” Winstone seems to have tipped it off the top of the dvd top 10, but you know… the classy fuckers get their stuff on blu-ray, the bargain bin bastards go to dvd  ;)

That said it’s still number one overall in the UK, both on blu-ray AND dvd which is all kinds of cool. A bit late, but cool.

So I thought at this stage I’d be trying to do my little bit to help the film do even better, but it seems everyone who saw it in the cinema is buying it for home, and a lot of people who refused to go to a 3D only movie are now checking out what they missed. Hopefully the trend continues and it becomes a late, sleeper hit.

Anyway, no point me telling anyone to go buy it so instead, here’s another slice of sci-fi action that underperformed at the box office even though I fucking loved it