DREDD IS GAY!!!! …. apparently

From: (title unknown)

Dredd Closet

Well according to todays media frenzy anyway.  Already seen slightly OTT posts from

The Sun

The Mirror

Sky News

The Independent

and others. Really though, are we STILL referencing the Stallone movies for stuff like this?

Anyway, all publicity is good publicity I suppose. I’m not gonna comment coz I’ve already read the strip. I can tell you it was really good but not any more than that… spoilers innit? Imagine this will kick off some interesting debates tomorrow when the sub copies go out.

I will say though that if the line a lot of these are reporting, that some fans are threatening to burn the comic over this, is true, then good…. you go for it. To be safe, make sure both the comic and yourselves are liberally covered in petrol. Flame on as they say.