Gutters: Issue #393 – Mike Luckas

From: The Gutters

He’s a wise man, that Hulk. Especially when he’s Smart Hulk. But also, when he’s just Hulk.

This brings us to my biggest concern with digital comics and, well, digital anythings. If I buy a print comic or an LP or Blu-Ray and the company that makes them goes out of business, I’ve still got the stuff I’ve bought. Increasingly with digital comics we are seeing that we own the things we buy, but on the terms of the company providing them. IE, their availability. We also now know the real answer as to what happens to them should the company go under: the customer loses.

I’m not saying that this makes digital comics a bad idea. I still think there’s a whole bunch of merit to them. But the death of JManga does expose a fatal flaw and a big concern about digital comics. One that the larger companies might want to address now while they’re in good shape as opposed to the day they just disappear, along with everything we’ve all bought.

Today’s page comes to us from Mike Luckas who’d like to introduce himself to you all:

Hello! My name is Mike Luckas. I’m a freelance Comic Artist and Illustrator with a BFA in Cartooning/Illustration from the School of Visual Arts. I’ve self published many of my own titles, and have done professional work coloring for IMAGE comic’s “Skullkickers”, and illustrating for their 12th issue “Four More Tavern Tales”. Currently, I am the lead colorist for Yumcha Studios “Dim Sum Warriors”, starting with issue #7, and I run my own webcomic titled “Conquistas”.

Hope the weekend was good and the week even better! See you back here Wednesday!