Gutters: Issue #426 – Guy Dorian

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So, here’s the deal. I haven’t been reading Justice League of America. I enjoy Justice League, but after the first issue, I just wasn’t into following a second JLA book.

But, when I heard what was going on in the issue, I looked into it and I have to say, killing Catwoman to get Batman’s attention… that’s a pretty bold statement from any villain. Given the spiral Batman has been in over Damian’s death, one would only think this might push him over the top into complete madness.

If, y’know, it were true.

Thing is, I’ve been reading these things called “comic books” for a while now, so I feel pretty confident when I say that if you think that this is really the end for Catwoman… I may have a bridge and several acres of swampland in Florida you’ll be really interested in.

Today’s page was brought to us by Guy Dorian:

Guy Dorian had his first professional comic work published at the age of 21 at Marvel Comics in “The New Warriors.” He continued to work for Marvel on projects such as Marvel Comics Presents, “Night Thrasher” and more. Some of his other comic work includes Blackout Comics “Bad Girls of Blackout,” as well as co-creating and drawing “Hari-Kari (writing credits for first issue as well as series development including story and characters),” Exhumed Studios “Hakkiro Soul Quest,” Image Comics “Tales of the Starlight Drive-In” and others. Guy’s cover for Blackout’s “Hari Kari” was featured in the cult classic film “Chasing Amy.” Guy is also a very successful instructor & has been teaching for 20 years. He has taught and continues to teach a wide variety of classes including comic book art, illustration & character design, art fundamentals, cartooning & story boarding, anime & manga art, game art & design, anatomy, abstract art, surrealism, portraiture, landscape illustration and 3-d art and many others. Guys hobbies include Martial arts and Boxing (35 years), as well as Acting.

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