Must Read: UCI signals technology shift with Katsanis appointment

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Frames like the Lotus time trial bike could see a return to the sport with the UCI’s reexamination of its technology regulations. Photo: Graham Watson |

Man behind Team GB bikes hired by UCI as consultant — Cycling Weekly

Cycling’s world governing body appears to be preparing to ease its often antagonistic approach to technology development in the sport with the appointment of Dimitris Katsanis to the UCI’s Equipment Commission.

According to a Cycling Weekly report on Wednesday, Katsanis will join the Commission with the charge of revisiting the 1997 Lugan Charter, which put an end to wild bicycle designs like Chris Boardman’s Lotus frame. This would represent a significant departure for the Aigle, Switzerland-based governing body.

“We’d really like to get back to the kind of levels of interest in this area that we saw with riders like Chris Boardman and Graeme Obree in the 1990s. Not necessarily quite that level of anarchy, but certainly we’d like to see that sort of excitement,” said UCI chief of staff Martin Gibbs.

“I think in the past the UCI has been guilty of regulating things it shouldn’t have, and not regulating the things it should. We want Dimitris to look at everything, all the regulations, across the board. With his current knowledge, he’ll be able to take an intelligent approach to regulating what we need to, and leaving the rest alone.”

In recent years, the UCI has drawn the ire of teams and equipment sponsors with the enforcement of saddle angle regulations and its approval sticker program.

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