A Rousing Game of Musical-Vehicular Chairs, TdF edition

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To those inquisitive folks reading along, scratching your head thinking, “Hey wait a tic… how does the Tour start in England and then migrate to continental Europe (i.e. France) without a rest day?”, here’s your answer.

Each team has an entire arsenal of cars, mechanic trucks, buses, rolling kitchens, and likely even cars. So this morning we racers departed the previous night’s hotel en route to the race via team bus. Team cars that travel behind the race in the race caravan did the same. Meanwhile all extraneous vehicles — such as mechanic trucks and roving kitchens — drove to the British sea port and hopped on one of a few different ferry boats (let’s just call them yachts, because that’s a fun word) making the hour long journey to France. Upon doing this, they lost an hour since England is one hour “west” of Europe.

So while we raced, the team bus then drives from the start line to the finish line where it waits patiently for us to finish so that we can get a quick meal and refreshing shower. While this is all transpiring, those non-imperative-to-racing vehicles are disembarking from the ferry, whereupon they drive another hour or so to tonight’s hotel.

Next, we racers disembark from our team buses and board a new set of charter buses en route to the downtown London Airport. At 5pm. Amid downtown London traffic. While we set off to the airport en route to France, team cars and buses will now make that ferry trip, previously traveled by said non-imperative-to-racing vehicles.

We racers walk through non-plussed London airport and then arrive to throngs of giddy fans in France, at which point we board a new set of charter buses en route to our hotel.

So as I type this, it’s 10:48pm, I’ve just finished dinner (although sort of 9:48pm since I’ve now lost that aforementioned hour of sleep) and mechanic trucks are here waiting for bikes to arrive much much later this evening. I imagine mechanics and other personnel driving cars (or waiting on the boat to drive cars) are hungry and tired.

No rest for the weary, however, tomorrow is stage 4!

And in other news, this caused a crash today in which I was involved, so that sucks

On a brighter note, I was delivered maple syrup by my friend Janet, so that’s amazing.

And our hotel right now is an enormous villa or estate or anything other than a miserable Capanile so I’m happy as a clam!