Coming Soon – Judge Anderson: Heartbreaker

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Not cover art - just an Anderson pic to go with the news

Not cover art – just a Dave Taylor Anderson pic to go with the news

“Finding love in the city is hard. Soaring crime rates keep everyone indoors. Living life on the right side of the law keeps everyone busy. These days, who has time to make that special connection? Is romance dead?

MEET MARKET don’t think so. We’re Mega-City One’s most popular in-house dating agency. Our auctions can get you a great deal, whether you’re bidding on the date of your dreams or listing yourself as part of a romantic evening that goes to the highest – and hopefully hottest – bidder!

Sign-up before Valentine’s Day and we’ll upgrade your first listing for free.*

Whoever you’re looking for, you can find them on MEET MARKET.

*subject to 36-month contract; offer excludes robots, mutants and aliens.”

‘Meet Market’ Tri-D commercial, first aired 01.02.2100

Psi Judge Cassandra Anderson is on the trail of a telepathic killer who has been picking off victims via ‘Meet Market’, Mega-City One’s biggest – and trashiest – dating agency. Now she must go undercover and bring the murderer to justice before the citizens attending this week’s Valentine’s Parade find themselves smitten with something even deadlier than love.

Judge Anderson: Heartbreaker is an exclusive Kindle e-novella written by Alec Worley and published by Abaddon Books. Available on Amazon and the Rebellion online store 17 October 2014.


Above all taken from Alec Worley’s website