Did YOU support the Day of Dredd?

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So, the Day of Dredd –  was it a success?

If you’re browsing this website there’s a good chance you’re a fan of 2000AD, and it’s most popular character, Judge Dredd. You’re also very likely to have seen the film, and want a sequel – right? RIGHT?!

Well, October 1st was ‘Day of Dredd’, where fans and Dredd-related alumni came together for another push to bring Dredd back under the spotlight. This has been chamioned by the Make a Dredd Sequel movement, supported by our very own 2000AD. If you haven’t joined the campaign yet, what are you waiting for? Go here and sign up:

cover picture

Was it a success? To try and determine this I’ve thrown together a handful of things occurring that day which caught my eye for one reason or another. I’m hoping they caught the eye of DNA and distributors around the world too. Before I begin, I know a load more folk did some really great stuff, and I’m really sorry if I’ve missed you.

The Day of Dredd got off to a great start, even before it began! Just prior we had Adi Shankar, the producer of Dredd, weighing in, and noting how the film has gained cultural resonance. You can see exactly what he had to say here:


On the day itself he was active on Twitter, and even retweeted something from our very own UK Judges Forum!

uk judges forum adi shankar

uk judges forum adi shankar

He wasn’t the only Dredd-related person busy on Twitter though! Olivia Thirlby also retweeted from the UK Judges Forum too:

uk judges forum thirlby

uk judges forum thirlby

She didn’t stop there though! One very lucky 2000AD Forumite, ‘The Bissler’, tweeted her directly, and she responded to him, and ALL Dredd fans everywhere!

the bissler and missthirlby

Of course, Olivia didn’t stop at just tweeting about it. She also put up this fantastic little video thanking everyone for their continued support:


Next up on Twitter was a major coup for 2000AD and the Make a Dredd Sequel movement, when Simon Pegg retweeted in support, to over four and a half million followers!

simon pegg retweeted 2000AD

Things were hotting up on Facebook too, as Paul Leonard-Morgan reposted his awesome video of ‘Mini-Guns’, a very well known theme from his Dredd sountrack:


This great photo of Carols Ezquerra, artist and part-creator of Judge Dredd, also went pinging about:

carlos ezquerra weighs in

Plenty of media websites went into overdrive to mention the Day of Dredd. There are way too many to post here, but I will mention two. Firstly, Moviepilot told us exactly what we should do to get the focus on Dredd once again:


Geeksmash gave us 10 great reasons why there should be a sequel:


It goes without saying the loyal fans of the film and 2000AD joined in, each in their own inimitable style. As mentioned above, I expect I missed loads of people doing some great things, but here are a couple of stand-out moments for me.

You may remember me mentioning Judge Åberg in my article about the Lawgiver convention? He celebrated by bringing Justice to the household chores:

judge aberg about the house

…and arrested a perp for damage to property and urinating in a public place.

judge aberg and cat

Loads of folk posted up their own art in honour of the day, including this great Judge Death by Judda Fett of the 2000AD Forum:

judda fett death

…a cracking grayscale piece of Karl Urban goodness from Robert Gray:

robert gray dredd urba

…and a fantastic sketch of Dredd in film uniform from Stuart Tipples:

stuart tipples dredd

However, there was one stand-out picture for me. This was a great bit of photoshopping from Andy Lambert, in which he gives us an indication of what we could expect if a sequel did involve the Dark Judges!

andy lambert anderson death

So, what was the result of all this? Well, 2000AD had a very good day indeed. They posted up the results from their own ‘I’m supporting Day of Dredd’ tweet, which were staggering!

2000ad results are in

Fans also pushed Dredd back into the number nine spot on Amazon US, and the number one spot on Amazon UK:

best seller blu ray

Was it a success then? In terms of fan involvement, media attention, and social websites numbers, it most definitely was! Everyone really got into it, and my own personal Facebook and Twitter feeds were absolutely flooded with Dredd related goodness.

In terms of whether we’ll get a sequel or not though, the jury is still out. There’s no doubt these constant pushes to keep Dredd in the Blu Ray charts is going to be noticed, and at the end of the day that’s what potential financiers want to see. It’s all about the money, and keeping those sales high could give them the encouragement they need to stump up the dosh, and get us the greenlight.

We need to keep pushing though. If you know anyone that hasn’t seen it, get the Blu Ray or DVD as a little gift for them. Lend them some of your Dredd-related comics to read. Invite them round for beer and a good action film (which just happens to be Dredd). You know it makes sense, because we want DNA to:

give us a sequel creep now

<insert pic give us a dredd sequel now>