Sauss Ente

In a model shop I saw a “Sauss Ente” 2CV kit.

Heller Sausse Ente

Not only did it stand out to me because it’s a 2CV but also because I’d seen the same livery at Le Mans Classic.

Sauss Ente

The “Sauss Ente”  (Speedy duck) was a German special edition – in the fine tradition of making 2CV special editions by the application of graphics to an otherwise mechanically standard car. Backing up the name, the graphics include the 0 to 60 time of 59.4 seconds. It also featured a Club interior, a monospoke steering wheel and an Ami 6 dashboard.

2CVs at Le Mans Classic

There weren’t any 2CVs competing at the Le Mans Classic but they were being used as VIP transports.

2CV pickup

2CV trailer



Number 3 grill bonnet chevrons


Not a 2CV but the only Citroen in the race – a 1932 Roadster:

C4 racer

C4 racer

Not quite Citroens but worthy of note to a 2CV owner, there were some DB sports cars with Panhard flat twin air-cooled engines.