Spares or repair engine

As Judith is an original car, once the worn out parts are replaced there’s not going to be much to do.  As a result a long term plan has been hatched to build myself a Burton to give myself an automotive toy to play with.

With this in mind an opportunity presented itself in the form of a spares-or-repair 2CV engine on fleaBay.  I managed to pick it up with the opening bid as it was collection only.  Fortunately it wasn’t too far from TomB engineering so he did the honours for me and reported back with some photos.

Given I’m planning on rebuilding the engine with a 652cc “big bore” kit it looks like a pretty solid foundation and having a rebuilt and bench tuned engine will open up my options when it comes to the time to find a donor car.

Spares or repair 2CV engine

Spares or repair 2CV engine

Spares or repair 2CV engine

Spares or repair 2CV engine

Very tatty looking 2CV engine breather

2CV crank

Possibly 2CV air filter foam


2CVs at Le Mans Classic

There weren’t any 2CVs competing at the Le Mans Classic but they were being used as VIP transports.

2CV pickup

2CV trailer



Number 3 grill bonnet chevrons


Not a 2CV but the only Citroen in the race – a 1932 Roadster:

C4 racer

C4 racer

Not quite Citroens but worthy of note to a 2CV owner, there were some DB sports cars with Panhard flat twin air-cooled engines.