Trooper 4 APs per Activation Phase
Bugs and Blips 6 APs per Activation Phase

The humans also get 1D6 CP at the beginning of their turn. These may be spent at any time during either side’s turn. Unused points do not carry over.


Action Trooper Bug Blip
Move Forward 1 square 1 1 1
Move Backwards 1 square 2 2 1
Move Sideways 1 square 2 1
Turn 90° 1 0*
Turn 180° 2 1
Fire Blaster/Gatling 1
Fire Gatling Sustained 2
Fire Inferno Cannon 2
Fire Missile 4
Set Overwatch Fire 2
Clear Jammed Blaster 1
Clear Jammed Gatling 4
Reload Gatling/Inferno 4
Reload Missile Launcher 5
Move Forwards & Fire 1
Move Backwards & Fire 2
Close Assault Attack 1 1
Open/Close Door 1 1 1
  • If a bug makes two 90° turns in a row, they’re really making one 180° turn, and must pay 1 AP to do so.

BLASTER CARBINES (Unlimited ammo)
Trooper’s blaster carbines have unlimited range and require a 6 from 2D6 to kill. For each sequential action spent firing at the same target without the firer moving the score required to hit goes down by 1.

GATLING CANNONS (10 rounds/reload)
Gatling cannons have unlimited range and require a 5+ from 3D6 to kill. The cannon will jam on any tripple, after making any kills rolled. If fired in sustained mode, and providing they have enough ammo, the trooper may fire up to five shots at any available target(s).

INFERNO CANNONS (12 rounds/reload)
An inferno marker can be placed in any square within 12 squares and LOS. Up to five more markers may be placed in a chain from this marker (but still within 12 squares of the firer, LOS not required). If a square contains a bug or a blip it will kill it on a 2+ from 1D6, troopers are killed on a 4+ and doors cannot be affected. Inferno markers are removed at the beginning of the human player’s turn.

BUG HUNTER MISSILES (4 rounds/reload)
Can be fired at bugs or blips up to 18 squares away with no line of sight required. The missile takes the shortest route to the target and and will impact on the first door, bug, blip or trooper in the way. Score required to kill: Bug/blip – 4+; Door/Trooper – 5+;

If more than one kill is rolled then surplus kills may be used to kill targets in adjacent squares (subject to LOS and range).

Troopers with blasters or gatling cannons can be placed on overwatch. When on overwatch any movement within LOS and 12 squares will allow a ‘free’ shot at the moving target. Blasters will jam on any double (double 6 kills the target before jamming – see also overkill).

Bugs roll 3D6 and select the highest, humans roll 1D6. Whoever has the highest score kills their opponent. If the result is tied then neither combatant dies. Doors can be destroyed on a 6.

If attacked from the side or rear the defender cannot kill the attacker, if they win or draw they may turn to face their attacker. Bugs attacked from the side or rear roll 2D6.

9 x 3 count, 4 x 2 count, 8 x 1 count.

Blips are placed outside an entry point at the start of the bug’s turn. All blips must be placed before bugs start their movement. If a trooper is within 6 squares of an entry point freshly placed blips cannot enter and must remain off board untill the next turn. Once on the board, blips and bugs may not move off the board.

Blips may be voluntarily converted at any time during the bug turn. Blips must be converted when they move into the line of sight of a trooper or adjacent to his square. A bug must be placed in the square the blip was in and any other bugs must be placed in adjacent squares.

Any similarities between these rules and any previously published game are as co-incidental as any similarities between that game and the film Aliens.