Bird flu in Europe

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Subject: Bird flu in Europe
Date: Thu, 05
Jan 2006 19:55:23 +0000
From: me

Are you genuinely ignorant or just plain old incompetent?

A quick search on the well known Internet site Wikipedia ( will reveal the following in the first paragraph:
“The Republic of Turkey or Turkey (Turkish: Türkiye), is a bicontinental country located mainly in Asia Minor, with 3% of its land located in the Balkans. Its strategic location straddles the Bosphorus straits that separate Southwest Asia from Southeast Europe.”

Whilst Turkey may become a member of the EU this does not alter the fact that 97% of it’s landmass is located in ASIA. You could be forgiven for your idiotic headline if the case had actually occurred in the 3% of land that is actually in Europe. But no. You then compounded your mistake by showing a map locating the cases in the furthest western provinces of the country (and, co-incidentally, the furthest from European soil). I strongly suggest that come next Christmas you buy your geography editor an atlas.

Joking aside: That was a shameless piece of sensationalist journalism dragging the professional credibility and integrity of your entire news office through a rotting midden heap. I don’t know if you realised that Drop the Dead Donkey was intended to be satirical, not an instruction manual for the type of lazy and morally bankrupt journalists you have just marked yourselves out to be. Stunning start to the new year folks.