Note to self regarding things to remember when washing the car:

  • The hand pump pressure sprayer is ideal for rinsing off shampoo.
  • The synthetic chamois is good for removing lots of water, the natural chamois is good for final drying.
  • For scratch repair, polish and wax use different coloured cloths.
  1. Clean the roof, especially the edges.  Do this first in order to give it a chance to dry.
  2. Clean the tires, don’t want to spread that muck onto washed paintwork.
  3. Take the trims off and wash the wheels with the all-in-one wash ‘n’ wax – no point using good shampoo and wax on them.
  4. Take the roof back and fold inside the car.  With the roof on there are areas which you can’t get to.
  5. Work top to bottom with the shampoo.
  6. Rinse the stuff in the sun last, dry the stuff in the sun first
  7. Lift the bonnet last to give the water as much time to run off as possible – it will drip into the engine bay off the open bonnet.
  8. Now’s the time to do scratch repairs.
  9. Polish the stuff in the sun last, remove it first.
  10. Wax on the stuff in the sun last, wax off it first.
  11. Clean the glass.