Test miniatures

I’ve picked up some test miniatures for Pauke! Pauke! from Magister Millitum in 1:300 and 1:600 scale.

1:300 B-17 and FW 190

Bag The Hun uses a 1″ hex grid which is about the size of the 2p piece here.

Looking at these the 1:300 FW 190 looks about the right size for a gaming piece, as does the 1:600 B-17.  If this was a commercial boxed game I wouldn’t be surprised to see the asymmetrical scales but that doesn’t sit right with me on my own project.

Whilst the 1:600 probably is a more realistic overall scale to convey the distances involved between aircraft on the table the Focke-Wolfs are simply too small.  In terms of where to compromise, I’d rather have the larger Fortresses than the smaller Focke-Wolfs.

Conclusion: I’m going with the 1:300 scale aircraft and, consequently, a 2″ hex might be worth investigating.

Update: Due to low stock levels, I’ve had to find an alternative source for the aircraft.