Flight stands

I have picked up some flight stands from Figures in Comfort, 25 with 50mm pegs and 10 extra 100mm pegs.

Litko flight stands

By cutting down pegs, this gives the ability to mount up to 10 aircraft on 50-100mm pegs and – as I have 24 aircraft in total – any number on 50mm or shorter pegs.  (In game mechanical terms the hight of the aircraft doesn’t make a difference, this is purely for visual effect on the table.)

As there are 12 FW 190s I’ll mount them on the stock 50mm pegs as that will save work.

The 12 aircraft B1-17 combat box consists of four flights of three, each at different heights (medium, high, low and low-low).   Discounting the 50mm height – as that’s been taken by the FW 190s – four equally spaced heights are now needed.

Taking 50mm as our mid point between the levels, a 10mm spacing would work (35mm, 45mm, 55mm, 65mm) but doens’t have much visual impact.  A 30mm spacing would still fit within our available range (5mm, 35mm, 65mm, 95mm) and provide a good visual impact but leaves the low-low flight on 5mm posts.  So I’ve settled on a 20mm spacing:

B-17 FW 190
80mm (high) 50mm
60mm (mid)
40mm (low)
20mm (low-low)

This gives the necessary flight levels for the B-17 combat box and also doesn’t line the FW 190s up on the level of one specific flight, which is something I was trying to avoid.

Flight stand pegs cut to length