Airfix Chieftain Tank

As the Chieftain is my favourite tank – for a variety of subjective and non specific reasons – I thought it was probably time I got round to making a model of it.

As it’s now long out of front line service I couldn’t find anyone making a 1/76 model so I took to fleaBay to pick up the old Airfix Mk 2 Chieftain. This kit was originally released in 1970 and the box art on mine dates it to 1975-1978.

Airfix 1/76 Chieftain box

The crew pictured on the box don’t come with the tank but the hatches do open so I got some Wargames Foundary 20mm British tank crew.  These are WW II but British Army tank crew kit hadn’t changed significantly by the early 1970s so they were fine for my needs.

Wargames Foundary Brittish tank crew

They needed a bit of fettling to fit the Chieftain so after some basic assembly of the hull and turret I got them to a point I was happy with.

Airfix Chieftain with Wargames Foundary crew