Kirkwall War Memorial

The Kirkwall and St. Ola memorial forms the main entrance to the graveyard of St Magnus’ Cathedral in the centre of Kirkwall.

Kirkwall and St Ola war memorial

To the glory of God In memory of the men of Kirkwall And St. Ola who fell for freedom in The Great War

  • The dates for WWI are shown as 1914-1919.


The WWII names have been added on to the outside of the WWI names and follow the style of the earlier memorial closely.

Congregation memorial

This is a plaque on the north wall of the cathedral nave and lists members of the congregation who died in service during WWI.

St Magnus congregation war memorial

To the glory of God and to the honoured memory of the men of this congregation who gave their lives for King and Country in The Great War

  • This lists the dates as 1914 – 1918.