the splendour of isolation

here i sit in glorious solitude, freed from the words, thoughts and actions of others. there is no one here aware of my every gesture that they consider could betray my thoughts. no one to share to me their perspective of the events that continue around me, careless of my presence. no companion to judge my actions. no friend to show concern for their perception of my well being. the only human contact i have is merely the unswerving honesty of dis-compassionate strangers. the only words i see written before me are my own that have not yet gained their power to make the witless reader a sheep to the ways of another. i am the sole arbiter in the choice of image that is presented through lens and optic nerve into my conscious. i choose to let the ambient sounds of the city play upon my ears, freed from the composers touch, the performers talent. no voice rises above the hum created as a mere by-product of unthinking action. no one is giving tongue to their opinions, tempting me to seek solace with them in their perceived perception of how things are. the interplay of the harsh, the soft and the transient lights on the cold stone, the verdant close cropped grass, the soft and yielding soil and the weathered bark of trees provide me with their uncomplaining and un-judgemental company. and tonight that is the best company i could wish for.