blog design

the problem i have with the design of most blogs: information overload. there’s just too much stuff and there’s very little to suggest what’s actually important.

take binary bonsai – sure, it’s a nice design but if i’m a reader, what are the priorities? why is the content presented on the left as the main blog, then on the right there is essentially all the same info (and some extra stuff) presented in another format. as they are all linked in the same frame (frames are only bad because of the way browsers handle them not because they have any inherent failings) as i scroll down i’m reading two separate things with broadly similar content. and why is the content in the menu across the top more important? there’s just no structure. well, there is a structure but it does not seem to match the structure that you impose on it yourself as a reader.

if a clear structure is imposed on information then, as a reader, you will be able to understand the information within the context of this structure (even if this structure is not necessarily the one the reader would impose on it them self). if the structure is not evident enough then the reader will attempt to impose their own structure and, if this does not match the presentation in front of them it will lead to confusion and frustration – not good things to envoke in a reader (unless you actually want them to stop reading…)

on a very personal note i don’t particulaly like boxouts in magazines – if i’m reading the main article: when should i read them? should i read them all first or all last or if i’m reading the main article should i break from it and, if there is no reference to them in the main article, when should i do this? don’t even get me started on quotes from the main article that are put back into the main article out of sequence and usually in bold.

form follows function. if form follows function can be said to be one of the tenets of modernism then surly post-modernism is a bit of a pretentious premature ejaculation at this stage – unless someone can convince me why this has been superceded by somehting more valid…