Small jobs

Spent the morning doing small jobs on Judith.

Replaced the gear linkage

The gear linkage connects the dashboard gear linkage to the gearbox linkage.

2CV gear linkage

The rubber bushes on the old linkage were perishing and the washers were worn so I replaced the entire linkage.

When removing the linkage it’s easiest to start by taking out the horizontal pin.  Pay attention to the order of the washers on each connector.   Mineral oil and grease will cause rubber to perish – which is what I think had hastened the demise of the old bushes – so use silicone grease when re-assembling.

The gearbox linkage can rotate a limited amount on the stub shaft coming out of the gearbox itself, coupled with the bend in the linkage, this allows adjustment of the neutral position of the dashboard linkage.

Replaced the alternator mounting bolt

2CV alternator mounting to exhaust manifold

The alternator is mounted to the off-side exhaust manifold which, as a high temperature environment, hastens corrosion.  The old nut and bolt had surface corrosion but were just about viable so I fitted a new bolt – with a generous coating of copper slip.

Replaced the boot stay

2CV boot stay mounting

The rubber bush was splitting, the star retaining washer was missing and the stay itself was slightly bent so I replaced them all. The star retaining washer makes a big difference since without it the stay tends to fall out of the boot lid mounting. The new stay is a higher quality of metal than the original.

Replaced the wing mirror mounting bolts

2CV wing mirror mounting bolt

The wing mirror mounting bolts come in two parts, there’s the main bolt that holds the mirror to the door and the 7mm retaining bolt that screws inside the main bolt from the inside of the door. The retaining bolt should be first off and last on, the main bolt screws into a thread inside the door and the retaining bolts aren’t strictly required. In fact the near side didn’t have a retaining bolt so this, combined with the fact it was covered in surface corrosion, was why I replaced these mountings.