Replaced battery tray

The old battery tray, even though galvanised and painted, was accumulating surface rust and, at the near-side top corner, was already eaten away.  Whilst this wasn’t a structural issue it’s never good to have large areas of live rust in a car so I replaced it with a stainless tray.

Stainless and original 2CV battery trays

The bulkhead mounting was in good condition and the bolts had been copper slipped so there were no issues with removal.

2CV battery tray mount in bulkhead

There have been two pop-riveted patches added to the lower mounting points and these had acquired some surface rust.  Whilst I can’t replace the bulkhead or realistically remove the patches, treating them with ACF-50 (curtsey of the fine folks at TomB engineering) and removing the bigger rust source of the battery tray should stop things getting worse.

Stainless 2CV battery try in situ

After cleaning up a few burs left over from manufacturing, the new tray fits in as the reverse of the removal of the old one.   It secures using 8mm bolts and the two dim-dip relays fit on the off-side mountings.  The battery negative earth also fits on the top off-side mount.  (It’s the yellow wire in the picutre which was taken shortly before I realised I had missed it off and re-fitted it.)

The replacement yoke retainer rods came with basic nuts and a couple of washers but the old nuts had a flange that acted as a load surface against the springs so I kept those and used the washers on the yoke end of the spring.

2CV battery yoke retaining bolts