Cleaning the cockpit

Spent some time cleaning the instrument panel and controls.

The indicator control is held together with one bolt that goes through the pivot.  The control arm fits one way on the tapered pivot and the contact maker sits on a spring in the end of the arm.  The sprung resistance of the contact maker as it moves over the contacts is what provides the lever positions.

2CV indicator switch mechanism

The headlight control is a barrel with contact tracks that activate the different headlight circuits.  The drum is free to slide on the rod which pushes through to the horn contacts at the end.  The drum isn’t attached to the rod and, if you’re not careful it’s possible for the contact tracks to get out of alignment with the markings and contacts which would mean the lights wouldn’t activate correctly.

There are ball bearings mounted in the housing that provide the separation for the two positions for dip and main beam.

2CV headlight switch mechanism

With the controls disconnected the fascia was easier to access and cleaned up nicely.

2 CV dashboard (1987 Dolly)