2CV voltmeter – piggy-back connectors

In order to connect a wiring loom extension to feed the voltmeter it will need piggyback connectors for earth and dial illumination. Whilst it would be possible to use some off-the-shelf piggyback connectors they’re not the easiest to fit in the confined space behind the dashboard.

With a few lengths of wire and some connectors it didn’t take long to make up a pair of leads suitable for the job.

2CV voltmeter piggyback cables

The male spade connectors will fit into the wiring loom and one of the female connectors will go to the speedo which will maintain the original circuit.  The second female connector will then be available for the wiring loom extension for the voltmeter.

The connectors on the wiring loom are as follows:

  • Speedo earth: brown
  • Speedo illumination: white
  • Voltmeter live: purple

2CV speedo wiring loom connectors

Using green and black does vary from the connectors used behind the dash but keeps consistent with my colour scheme for the voltmeter.  My piggyback to wiring loom connections will be as follows:

  • black -> brown
  • green -> white

With the piggyback connectors in place there is a bit of room for manoeuvre but the wiring loom extension will benefit from having several centimetres of free wire for each connector to reduce strain.

Voltmeter piggyback connectors in situ behind a 2CV speedo